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The herbal blends Sharon formulated for me are amazing, working miracles. I took my dog for walk, felt so good that I could breathe deeply for the first time in 15 years. The herbs have had such a dramatically positive effect on my health that I am reluctant to stop taking them.
                      ~ JG, WV

Sharon's analysis of my symptoms and the custom herbal formula she made for me improved my quality of life and help me avoid surgery.
                      ~ NJ, PA
A holistic herbal consultation includes not only your medical history and symptoms, but can go much further to observe health problems within the context of your whole life experience. The approach is quite different from a typical visit to a medical doctor who may do a physical examination and order laboratory tests to arrive at a disease diagnosis and then prescribe medication and procedures for physical symptoms.marshmallow in bloom

As an herbalist, I gather information through listening, dialogue and observation of subtle energies. The foundation of the consultative relationship is a partnership in the space of compassion, non-judgment and confidentiality. I will provide you with a health evaluation, nutritional guidance and lifestyle adjustments to enhance the healing process and compliment your total health care.

Rather than just matching herbs to a particular disease based on chemical constituents, I select herbs and flower essences that can activate the healing process at all levels including body, mind and spirit.

The herbal protocol varies for each client but usually includes a custom blend of herbal liquid extracts with flower essences to be taken 2 or 3 times a day. An herbal tea blend and/or blends of herbs and essential oils for topical application may also be included.

An initial consultation takes about an hour and a half and costs $65. Follow-up consultations usually take about a half hour, cost $35 and are scheduled at intervals appropriate to your needs. In follow-up consultations I can assess your progress and adjust herbal and flower essence formulas to assure continuous improvement.

To arrange for your personal consultation email me

or call me (267) 337-5236

Mailing address:  1521 Chestnut Ridge Road, Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania  18972